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The people who drive this project have based their experience in a know-how springing from the best experience of the Italian industry and in a future oriented mentality, open to the search of innovative aesthetic and technological solutions, thanks to the best computer, technical, planning and production supports, to-day available.
After 20 years of third parties production in high quality domestic appliances, ROLLER chooses ARTÈGORA to introduce to the market the result of an organization since ever attentive of the quality, the “made in Italy” design and the technological know-how.
Our Mission is not only to manufacture fist class domestic appliances, but also to spread their “culture” with the message of their quality.
This is the shared target the whole staffs of ARTÈGORA will achieve with passion and determination, by taking care of every detail concerning production and marketing, from the choice of the raw materials to the quality control and the final tests, sharing with our customers the pride and the pleasure of introducing in the market an innovative product.
Our Vision is “to become the preferential partner for the dealers in the field of the quality domestic appliances”. Since we take care for the quality, exactly as our customers do, we are well aware that it is necessary not only to meet their requirements, but also to be ahead of their wishes. The above is possible due both to our long time ability and our knowledge of the marketplace. Tradition, innovation, passion for the quality, knowledge and motivation of the people are the values of the mission we do want to achieve.


Artegora by Roller Srl P.zza Velasca, 5 20122 Milano (Italy)
Stabilimento e Magazzino: Viale delle Industrie, 83 20040 Cambiago (MI) Tel: 02- Fax: 02- e-mail: P.IVA 12146370155 France (158K) Russia (158K) Italy (158K)