The cellars "Foodline" are designed to preserve meats or cheeses. For this reason, the control panel of the wine cellar requires that the percentage of humidity will be automatically set according to the temperature that the user sets for the storage of the food. In fact, through a complex control algorithm T / Rh, the percentage of humidity is maintained within the range 60% -80% while varying the temperature set by the user. In short, when internal temperature increases, it also increases the percentage of relative humidity. The user can choose to set an internal temperature between 4 ° C and 18 ° C, but can not define the percentage of relative humidity within the machine.
This arrangement has been implemented in order to avoid possible errors in setting the percentage of humidity inside, and then in order to avoid the creation of mold and / or substances which damage the food content or worse, the health of the user.
The percentage of relative humidity is still viewable (but not editable) on the display on the left side of the control panel. If however the user decides - in absolute autonomy - to increase the percentage of indoor relative humidity, we supplied a water tray, which will be periodically filled with a few milliliters of water in order to increase the indoor humidity above the set limit value.


Your cellar "foodline" is equipped with a sophisticated sensor for detecting the internal relative humidity. To obtain measurement results very precise, it is necessary to leave the sensor for a time in the existing climate. Due to the fact that the sensor has a mass that affects the measurement, the climatization must take place, especially if the sensor is exposed to a temperature jump. When there is a rapid change in the temperature and when from a low temperature (cold sensor) you pass to an higher temperature, condensation can form on the humidity sensor. The humidity sensor is not damaged in any way.

Oltre ai due modelli di serie della linea FoodLine, sono disponibili modelli di differenti dimensioni, anche nella versione legno. Per maggiori informazioni, scrivere a

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