Humidors 7T7 Black.261 (274K)

Humidors 7T7 Wood.262b (515K)

Humidors 7T7 WOOD.319 (355K)

Modello 7T7 versione HA_Humidor

Electronic Thermostat: yes
Digital Display: yes
Ambient Temperature: 10°/35°C
Working system: by compressor
Range of indoor humidity: from 65% to 75% RH
Power input: 160 Watt
Power Supply: 220/240V – 50/60 Hz.
Adjustable feet: yes
Double room Full glass door, anti UV ray
Reversible door: no
Free standing version: yes
Built-in version: yes
Available colors: full black
Product dimension mm: 595x820x563
Carton dimension mm: 643x870x662
Net Weight: 48 kg
Gross Weight: 52 kg
Number of cigars:n.600/700.
Range of inside cabinet temperature: 18°/22°C.
Setting up shelves: n. 3 wooden shelves
(to be placed on existing rack. Optional racks available)
Number of Lights: n.1 blue LED strip.
Optional LED strip available.

Oltre al modello di serie della linea Humidors, sono disponibili modelli di differenti dimensioni, anche nella versione legno.
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