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Design does not mean only shape and function, but ability to inspire emotions; it means treating each piece as a special edition, unique for finishing and details. For this reason is born the collection "Artègora Customize".

Artègora Customize means research on materials, on shapes and contaminations that make your environment unique and really yours.
Artègora is an Italian company taking its style worldwide. A style able to combine different elements which express the philosophy of living and contemporary design.
Then Artègora wine-cellars are enriched with quality details and materials conceived to make the environment harmonious and to value your wine:
metal reflexes, effects of crystal mosaics, raised decorations, precious woods, precious leathers in the various versions of shape and colour are just some of the materials used to make your Artègora wine-cellar unique.
The basic element of the collection is a flexible slab adaptable to any shape which supports the various materials of the Artègora Customize collection. The result is an unbreakable surface, resistant to light and easy to maintain. Some of the proposed elements are also sound-absorbing and then improve your environment acoustics.

Expression of a selective research made among the most advanced products, both from the technological and aesthetic point of view, the Artègora Customize collection is distinguished by its exclusive values, richness and variety of solutions. The proposals are always original and creative, able to meet the different needs of designers and architects.

Ostrich sk (skin-light), in 7 colours, iguana sk, crocodile sk, or the dazzling pony skin. Fake leather light having a soft finishing, the realistic texture and the touch sensation similar to the very valuable Tuscan leathers, in 9 nuances (white, beige, cream, ochre, bordeaux, dank brown and olive green).
Goffered leathers, with flowers or geometrical shapes patterns and sight stitching. Lucid and reflecting metals, crystal mosaics, raised metals with 3D effect, all in various colour nuances and finishing. Laminated woods as teak, wengé, mahogany, and many others.

It is impossible to mention all the opportunities offered among the solutions available and among those that will be available in a short-term.
For further information we suggest you to contact our technical department.

Artègora Customize is design, comfort, quality conceived for those who love to surround themselves with valuable items.

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