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The Artègora "Tailor Made" division deals with enthusiasm and competence in the development of all that is air-conditioned for both the professional sector (HO.RE.CA) than in the domestic sphere. From the air-conditioned rooms for the storage of wines and cigars, to special environments dedicated to the preservations of foodstuffs, until the modern cabinets for the furs storage.

The passing of the years not only to give us an in-depth experience in manufacturing refrigerated wine cellars, but has also succeeded in merging the knowledge of the most ancient artisanal workings with the professionalism of the latest and most modern technologies. An accurate selection of materials allows us to offer to our customers prestigious products, with very high quality, designed to last.

Each of our creation is tested before delivery, and user manuals and maintenance are compiled in multi-language version, so over the years they support creations in locations far from our headquarters.

On request, our creation can be integrated with remote control software (accessible with Ipad, Iphone, etc ...) made according to the specific customer requirements.

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